Boarding for cats

Boarding for cats

Freedom and secutity guaranted for your cats


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We offer two types of accomodation for your cats :

  •  for famillies of two or more cats, a small house of 5 - 7 square meters with an individual covered run
  •  For individual cats we offer an individual box in a small house. They will not be introduced to other cats

For your cat's relaxtion, there is a wooded park area with a variety of games scratching post armchair for relaxing in the sun.


Either top quality dried food ( SANABELLE Brand ) or tinned food according to preference.

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The cat in which you bring your cat to the kennels will be used for sleeping in.

Alternatively you can bring their basket and/or small toys.

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  •  Kennel and cat litter cleaned twice a days
  •  Anti bacterial, anti fungicidal disinfection at least once a week if requiered.


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All genuine boarding etablishments are subject to inspection by the departemental veterinary service and as a result must fulfil certain conditions.

  • Identification by electronic chip or tatoo.
  •  Annual Vaccination against typhus, coryza, chlamydiose, leucose. The test FIV, Felv is strongly recommended.
  • Your cat's vaccination certificate and identity card must be handed in on arrival. These will be kept during your cat's stay.
  • If your cat is undergoing treatment at the commencement of their stay please remember to bring their prescription and medication.


To provide relaxation, ambient music will accompany your dog's day and lull them to sleep with sweet dreams.
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