Boarding for dog

Winter kennel

  • on arrival your dog will be allocated a pen of 8 square meter
  • a run protect them from the rain
  • certain kennels can be heated on request
  • a leisure area is provided
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Leisure aera in snow
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Leisure area in front of the kennels
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Asia in it's run
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Summer Kennel

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Large Chalet
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Leisure area

These kennels are of different sizes, but all have a wooden kennel or chalet and an individual grass run. Each dog can also sunbathe

A large leisure area is avaible for all dogs either individually or in groups.

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 dressage  comportementale  individuel  don  poitou charente  86  animal  pensionnat  haut de gamme  abris


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don't come and eat from my bowl
  • Preferably your dog will be fed in the morning to ensure that they do not soil they kennel during the night.
  •  We supervise the feeding / diet of each individual dog
  •  Food is from the band range "MAC BROTHER".
  • Your Dog will be fed.

According to it's age
  • Adult Dog food "Balance"
  •  Puppy food "Junior".

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according to it's health
  • Food for dogs with digestives problems "sensitives"
  • Food for active or underweight dog "performance"

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 la colo  convivial  box  nourriture  heberge  sejour  vert  canin  liberte  rongeur
Titi and julie in their basket
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Buche in his transport box, 

. We ask that your dog comes with their basket or transport cage their comfort blanket and one or two toys.

For your first visit we recommend that you bring an item of clothing with your scent, to provide a link between yourself and the kennels.

All of this important our dog friends need a point of reference in a place that they do not know on their first visit.


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What a circus dog
  •  kennels are cleaned every day.
  •  Disinfection with an antibacterial, antiviral and anti fungicidal product is carried out at least once a week.

In the cage of dogs that are not house trained, the kennel is desinfected every day.


All genuine boarding etablishments are subject to inspection by the departemental veterinary service and as a result must fulfil certain conditions.
  •  Identification by electronic chip or tattoo
  •  Annual Vaccination for distemper, hepatitis, parvoviris, kennel cough, leptospirosis, chppil
  •  If your animal is undergoing treatment at the commencement of their stay please remember to bring their prescription and medication.

Your dog's vaccination certificate and identity card must be handed in on arrival. These will be kept during your dog's stay

It's recommended that you treat your pet for worms and tick prior to their stay.

To provide relaxation, ambient music will accompany your dog's day and lull them to sleep with sweet dreams

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