Price / Opening Hours / Regulation

Opening Hours delivery / Collection

  • Open at 9h30 to 12h00 and 14h00 to 16h00 for the Monday, Tuesday, Thursday anr friday.
  • The Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday phone to say at what times you come.
  • We are closed the Sunday afternoon.


Closure Days

  • 25 December
  • 1 January
  • Easter Monday
  • 1 May

On these days La Colo does not accept new arrivals or animal collection, but we remain at the disposal of the animal in our care.

Price of Boarding

  • 7,35 € per day for dogs of less than 5kgs
  • 7,87 € per days for dogs between 6 and 15kgs
  • 9,45 € per day for dogs between 16 ans 30kgs
  • 10,50 € per days for dogof more than 30 kgs
  • 7,35 € per days for cats


Cumulation of Stay

The Day of arrival of an animal counts as day one and the day of departure will also be charged for if the animal is collected in the afternoon.

Asupplement will apply for :

  • Administration of medication : 0.80 € per day.
  • Heating : 1.60 € par Day.


Download kennel regulation

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